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"I Love You to The Moon Times 2" - my Mom, Janice Lynne Shattuck

A few years ago I started an artistic journey with my amazing and fearless mother, Janice Lynne Shattuck. We began production on my first full length movie, a sci-fi story entitled 'Phantom Dawn' right here in Erie, CO. Through trial and error, my mom and I quickly learned about a million ways not to make a movie, yet the countless nights of work and laughter we shared left me with a rich and heartfelt story of hope. The hard work toward our dream took us through uncharted waters, and culminated in an elaborate set of ancient ruins, alien jungles and a literal out-of-this world home. Sorrowfully, I’ll never get to witness the proud face of my Mom the day we release our project to the world; she passed away on August 9th, 2016 after a decades-long battle with heart disease from radiation damage to her heart and lungs. I started Savage Queen Creations as a way of healing and continuing her unforgettable legacy. The namesake of my company was inspired by my mother, a savage queen in her own right. Producing art has been a cathartic process for me; every piece I create stems from raw emotion and the tribulations I’ve been through since losing her. Like a butterfly, my mom and I believe that beauty can evolve from something broken. It is my hope that my creations will inspire others to turn their pain into something awe-inspiring. All of the profits to Savage Queen Creations help fund the production costs of ‘Phantom Dawn.’ I promised my mom I would finish the work we started together, and it’s a promise I intend to keep. I am Blakey, and I thank you for keeping my Mom’s legacy alive and moving our dream forward.