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Conquer The World.

Original Art Collection / Elegant Wood Jewelry / Sleek Environmental Decor / Unique Wares

Made in Colorado, USA

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A NEW Evolution.

Discover the Next Evolution of 'Savage Queen' with Original Unique Wares that promote Environmental Wellness in our everyday lives. All my Creations are proudly Designed and handmade by me with the Support Of Local Businesses in my Community. Everything I do here is with an Undying Love and Devotion to Finishing the Independent Sci-Fi Film My Mom And I Started Before Her Tragic Passing On August 9, 2016. All that I create is a piece of me and serves a purpose. Whether I was inspired by a memory or overwhelmed by an unshakable Emotion, this journey has allowed me to share the unconditional love and wild, untamable spirit of my beautiful Mother with the world. I am constantly learning the art of business as I go but I intend to pursue this new adventure with the same drive and inspiration I've put into everything so far. I am Eternally grateful and humbled from the Support since 'Savage Queen Creations' Launched January 14, 2017. All profits continue to fund 'Phantom Dawn' Coming in 2018. I Thank You for helping me make my dreams come true. Now let's rock and roll!

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Wares with purpose.

Square Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Tabloid Posters, Reclaimed Wood Frames, Apparel, Fashion, Home Decor, Accessories, And More.

Since opening my store on January 14th 2017 I have grown from a few fine art prints on Etsy to over a hundred different products now being sold in stores here in my local community of Colorado. I set out to embrace a Retro Style and Size Inspired by Vinyl Record Album Covers and Square Polaroid Photos. My Square Art Prints are nostalgically created to uniquely interact with my reclaimed wood 'MetaFrames'. Prints are available for purchase as 12" x 12" wood and metal mounted prints called 'MetaPrints' or as 24" x 24" traditionally mounted fine art prints called 'Fine Art XL' perfect for the traditional art collector. I also have a collection I call 'Tabloids' which are 11" x 17" posters made again to invoke feelings if nostalgia.


I'm proud to support our local community and other businesses that believe in quality products and craftsmanship. Materials for MetaPrints and MetaFrames are all purchased, printed, milled, and manufactured within a few miles of each other in the Erie, Lafayette, and Broomfield areas. Not only does it allow personal relationships to grow but also an invested interest in each others success.

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A few years ago I started an artistic journey with my amazing and fearless mother, Janice Lynne Shattuck. We began production on my first full length movie, a sci-fi story entitled 'Phantom Dawn' right here in Erie, CO. Through trial and error, my mom and I quickly learned about a million ways not to make a movie, yet the countless nights of work and laughter we shared left me with a rich and heartfelt story of hope. The hard work toward our dream took us through uncharted waters, and culminated in an elaborate set of ancient ruins, alien jungles and a literal out-of-this world home. Sorrowfully, I’ll never get to witness the proud face of my Mom the day we release our project to the world; she passed away on August 9th, 2016 after a decades-long battle with heart disease from radiation damage to her heart and lungs. I started Savage Queen Creations as a way of healing and continuing her unforgettable legacy. The namesake of my company was inspired by my mother, a savage queen in her own right. Producing art has been a cathartic process for me; every piece I create stems from raw emotion and the tribulations I’ve been through since losing her. Like a butterfly, my mom and I believe that beauty can evolve from something broken. It is my hope that my creations will inspire others to turn their pain into something awe-inspiring. All of the profits to Savage Queen Creations help fund the production costs of ‘Phantom Dawn.’ I promised my mom I would finish the work we started together, and it’s a promise I intend to keep. I am Blakey, and I thank you for keeping my Mom’s legacy alive and moving our dream forward.