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My SXSW 2018 Experience | From L.A. to Tokyo

It is impossible to describe the atmosphere of SXSW without being there. It is a culmination of thoughts and ideas from all over the globe. From L.A. to Tokyo people flew to Austin to be part of this gathering. I'm so proud to say that people from over 35 different countries around the the World now own a piece of my story and a piece of my Mom's Legacy. I felt the impact one can have on our world by doing something that they love and by bringing joy to others. All it takes is making that leap into the unknown even when faced with life challenges. The past year has been a journey, to say the least. I have been delayed with posting this recap of SXSW because I was inspired to share more of my own personal story and insight to what I was feeling before it began. Someone wise once said, “I’d rather be honest than impressive.” or so Google tells me...

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The Holiday Flea Experience | My Brands First Holiday Season

I was so excited and humbled to see some familiar faces this weekend return to the Denver Flea to shop for their own personal "Arsenal." Nothing is more exciting than realizing you're gaining a following and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to The Denver Flea for providing such a platform that allowed me to continue to grow and foster those relationships. The Denver is not a "Flea Market" it's a Makers Market with some of the most talented Makers and Shakers I have ever met.

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