Behind the Scenes | The Aloha


In keeping with the summertime mindset, we let our creative minds drift to the magical place that is Hawaii. There is somehting special about that place that is difficult to express in words. There is a certain vibe that, for this design, we strived to capture. 

Thinking of Hawaii, we instinctively thought beaches, surfing, ocean, sunsets, etc. So we started down the path of an ocean/surfing themed tee design. The concept was an overly circular wave with a surfer. 

We didn't spend too much time on this concept because we immidiately saw that this was not working. The tubular wave was interesting, but the humor side of Chroma in this design was just plain goofy. So we thought about Hawaii some more; palm trees, sandy beaches, laying out in the sun, coconut drinks, aloha vibes. 

Then Noor said something really simple and nice. "What if there was a coconut tree with a skull?". 

Yeah... what if...? 


Within a few minutes of getting into this concept, we saw it could work. Thinking of the Farrah tee's wide and narrow ratio, we thought this could be an interesting tall and thin design. 


Simplicity is our cup of tea, but this was too simple. You could even call it plain or boring. So we thought it might be a small group of trees, and inverted the color to outlines to imply depth. 


Early on there was a lot of discussion about the little creatures at the base of the tree. We had already done an entire "Birds of a Feather" series, and for some reason avian type animals make regular appearances in our designs. We tried to work with something different, like turtles, but nothing says "Hawaii" like wild chickens. 

This became the final design for the back print. Since we generally like to have at least one pocket tee per release, we considered what a front pocket design might look like. 

Since the coconut tree had a skull in it, it only made sense to have a coconut drink in a skull. 


Sinsiter and funny, not too goofy. Just the right amount of Chroma. Grab one now to bring some summer into your winter!