Behind the Scenes | Scorpion Cocktail Anyone?


Suns Out, Guns Out.

Summertime is here and our hearts and minds are drifting away from the hot city to some secluded tropical beach in paradise. Our long sleeve tees are stored till winter and its time from Chroma to try our hand at a tank top design. The general concept was clear and no real sketching was required. The intricate geometries of the Predator tee and the Farrah tee were always favorites of ours. So the concept of an intricately geometric pineapple was a no brainer. 

 Getting some Island Inspiration.

We quickly repeated the process that birthed the predator tee and came up with this.  



The colors were great in our opinion, and the concept generally might work. But the proportions of the pineapple were off, and the leaves of a pineapple don't really look like that. And the Pineapple-o-latern was maybe a better fall concept, but in this iteration looked too much like Wilson from the film Castaway. But this was a decent enough starting point to continue to explore the overall composition of the design, knowing that we would later refine the actual pineapple. 


We thought maybe a small series of pineapples would look nice, a concept that will likely resurface for a future tee design. But still it seemed flat and not interesting enough. So we kept playing, looking to make something sing. 

Looking at the yellow and black pineapples sitting in a row, I started to envision a pineapple sitting in an empty space. Being a summertime design, there had to be a warm sun represented somehow. That gave birth to the idea of the pineapple and its shadow. But rather than making a true shadow, we abstracted the geometry once more and created this. 

Don't Mind The Scorpion.

This worked we thought. The general design and concept was there. We added the element of "sinister" that is key to the Chroma brand, and in its earliest form this was a crab. Not nearly sinister enough. So, we redesigned the pineapple body, leaves and inserted a more menacing creature in the shadows. 

Pour one Out for the Homies.

And there is the final design. A simple geometric pineapple that translates into a shadow, with a small element of danger hiding within. The name "Scorpion Cocktail" is all thanks to Blake. A fun drink containing pineapple juice. 

The perfect name for this summertime tank. 

Check it out Today!