The Mysterious Giant Squid | New Art Print by Blake Hunter

117 | #WANG by Blake Hunter is Available in 12" x 12" / 16" x 16" / 20" x 20"

117 | #WANG by Blake Hunter is Available in 12" x 12" / 16" x 16" / 20" x 20"


Name | 117 | #WANG

Artist | Blake Hunter

Birthday | April 2018


Subject Matter | Giant Squid / Colossal Squid / Ink Cloud / Chinese Graffiti

Medium | Digital Art / iPad Pro / Apple Pencil / Procreate App



Asian Inspired Surreal Wall Art with bright reds, muted yellows, and Pantone's Color of 2018 ultra violet which accents the piece. This Giant Squid depiction has a nautical theme with a deep elegance that would go well in any space. Whether it's for a Man, Woman, or anyone in-between this work will brighten up the room and add some wonder and sophistication.



I love the ocean. The sound, the sometimes pleasant smell, the ever changing sounds of the waves breaking. It is easy to get lost in it's glory and wonder and yet that is just the surface. What lies beneath the beauty and waves? Through out time, Ancient Man recorded encounters with mythical beasts of the Sea. Once just Myths, only recently have we discovered that the monsters of legends are in fact real. What other secrets do our deep blue depths hold? I hope to continue to create works of art inspired by these mysteries that spark a sense of aw and wonder of the unknown. For #WANG, the focus is on The Giant Squid and even larger Colosal squid. A species we have yet to fully discover. Only within the past decade was one recorded live on camera. They are fascinating creatures that remind us of the elegance of Mother Natures creations. Please enjoy #WANG and let it remind you to always keep our Oceans Sacred.


Behind the Scenes


My Process

Like all my works I digitally painted 117 | #Wang on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil using the app Procreate. These tools are an amazing and safe way to teach yourself how to create works of art without the risk or mess that sometimes holds us back from self expression. Technology doesn't have to be burden. It can be where you begin your journey of Self-Discovery.



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117 | #WANG | Surreal Giant Squid Asian Inspired | Square Art Print
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Artist: Blake Hunter

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Check out my Blog Post #ART | 117 | #WANG about this piece to learn about it’s inspiration and watch how I created it live.

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