Goodbye | The Predator


Another big Chroma milestone, we’ve recently sold the last Predator tee. To celebrate, here’s a behind the scenes look at the design process. Owl designs are popular and prevalent. We tried to imagine a Chroma owl design, and in our heads we envisioned an overall simple owl composed of complex linework. The predator tee is one of the few designs that didn't start with a sketch. 

the predator tee design linework

You can see how the interest of this artwork comes from the layering of very simple curves. That isn't to say we nailed the design from the get-go. i saved this image because how funny it is. 

the predator tee design process

The design process is messy, frusterating, and sometimes hilarious. The one portion of the design that did get a sketch was the element of darkness. We envisioned the predator should be illustrated with it's prey, but it shouldn't be fully morbid and should still be fun. 

the predator tee prey design sketch

Once we reached this point, it was a process to decide what color the owl should be. 

the predator tee design colors

We settled on a teal owl printed on a blue long sleeve tee, had the design printed and the rest is history. In a lot of ways this design takes the concept of simple geometry to another level that we look at as a standard for future designs.

the predator tee model photo

side note: This is probably one of my favorite photos i've ever taken, for Chroma and for my own photography portfolio. 

Goodbye Predator tee! With that, the Birds of a Feather series is completely gone. Thanks to all of you who purchased a Predator tee, we hope to bring something just as exciting to you soon!