Goodbye | The Morning Grind Tee


Another bittersweet milestone for the Chroma team, we’ve just sold our last Morning Grind tee. To celebrate, here’s a look into the design process:

We normally start with a sketch, however for the morning grind tee, the process started a little differently: research. 

the morning grind tee research_01
the morning grind tee research_02
the morning grind tee research_03
the morning grind tee research_04
the morning grind tee research_05
the morning grind tee research_06

Once we finished our research, we did more research.

the morning grind tee research_07
the morning grind tee research_08
the morning grind tee research_09
the morning grind tee research_10
the morning grind tee research_11

By some miracle we were able to pause the research process long enough to actually start designing something. Much like the chroma ice cream tee, this tee started as a play on the Chroma CMYK logo. 

the morning grind design process

Once we had settled on the main print, we focused on the pocket print. This, believe it or not, was the most tedious part of the process. 

the morning grind tee pocket print process

With so much pressue on the pocket print by design, it took a long time to perfect the artwork. Eventually we settled on a design and had the tees printed on a sort of acid wash grey tee. 

morning grind tee donut package

Once we reached this point, we decided to go back to perform more research. 

morning grind tee packaged

And then finally, the model photos.

the morning grind model photo back
the morning grind tee model photo front

The Morning Grind tee was and still is the only tee that we have printed with a full spectrum color range. And something about donuts, coffee, and skulls will always be near and dear to our hearts. Goodbye morning grind. We will miss you and all of the precious, delicious research.