Behind the Scenes | Creating The Farrah Tee

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with every design we create, even the failed ones, we start with a sketch. even though our final designs are made with more perfected geometry, the freedom and imperfection of a physical sketch allows us to fully explore an idea. 

the image above is the original sketch that started the idea. a pretty girl with long and flowing curls of hair. 

next we further refine the idea. you can start to see glimpses of what will become the final product. once we have a strong grasp on the direction, we move to the computer. 

the farrah tee rhino file

when we are satisfied with the design, in this case the linework of the intricate hair, we transistion to illustrator to experiement with colors.

some further refinement occurs with the thickness of the curls, the design of the lips, the size and placement, etc. then we add something subtle and sinister, the fangs peeking out from ruby red lips. 

once we've reached this point we go through the process of mocking up the tee. sizing the artwork, selecting the tee color, and finally screen printing. 

and finally, we have the finished product.