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About 'Promo Uno'

Savage Queen Creations First Promo Video by Blakey

Unlike a traditional promo, you never get a sense of what is being sold. Instead I desired a way to share how I see my creations with others. Like the frame of a lens, the canvas is a window to a new world that is only limited by your imagination. Savage Queen Creations was started by me to help fund my Mom and I's Indie Sci-Fi Film "Phantom Dawn." We had been working on our dream project for 2 years before she passed away on August 9, 2016. Everything I create is inspired by her untamable spirit, unconditional love, and the art of turning pain into something beautiful. In this promo, I tried to paint a narrative for some of my works by combining my passion for filmmaking and storytelling with the emotions I felt that created them. Sharing my Mom's Legacy with the world has started rebuilding my heart in ways like never before. No matter what your passion is, Live 2 Create, and make something beautiful.

I love you Momma, this is for you!

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