Chapter II - Arsenal Wares

"The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

The newly formed ‘Arsenal Wares’ is just one part of the ever growing creative machine known as Savage Queen LLC. 

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Deeply rooted in its foundation lies the hopes, dreams, and memories that continue to inspire and push me forward in my life’s journey. No matter what the project, one thing remains clear. The mission of all parts of ‘Savage Queen LLC’ is to create something that tells a story, something that serves a deeper purpose all while maintaining a delicate balance of beauty and practicality. Wether it’s a movie, a song, a painting, or invention being rooted in these ideals connects them all. 

What is Arsenal Wares?

So that brings me back to the newly formed ‘Arsenal Wares.’ Working for the most culturally significant and influential brand in the world these past five years taught me that change must stay the only constant for any business to not just survive but thrive. Since 'Savage Queens' inception on January 14, 2017, I stayed open to the ideas and possibilities that were presented to me. I was inspired by those around me at events like the Denver Flea, Lafayette Art Market, and the amazing people at Morrell’s Printing Solutions. I started all this with no expectations. I was just following the will of my heart as it continued to guide me and push me out of my comfort zone. I fell in love with the thrill of “Breaking the Wheel” so to speak (Game of Thrones Reference) and letting go of any notion that I could ever be 100% ready for the future. I embraced the chaos, unshackled the creativity, and acknowledged my personal trials as divine guidelines that are there to inspire me and not stop me. I never believed I was just selling Art Prints. I felt like I was writing the Prelude to a bigger story that I had yet to decipher. I decided after my last Festival in September to focus on figuring out what I truly desired out of all this. Yes, funding and continuing the production of ’Phantom Dawn’ is Goal #1 but what happens to all this after? 

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Before her passing, my Mom empowered me to live wild and free. To share in her untamable spirit that always kept me dreaming of something bigger. When I felt sad and lost she would call me brilliant. When I felt done, wanting to give up, she would push me to keep going. Looking back on this year I see now that I wasn't just selling artwork. What I was selling was the Unforgettable Legacy she left this world. With renewed clarity, I began envisioning a brand that symbolizes the unstoppable power that's ignited when the world around us begins to fall. A brand that could continue to inspire and help others as she did and continues to do for me.

'Arsenal Wares' was created to be that sustainable brand. A collective machine of creativity and inspiration which can continue to evolve and embrace change as I keep moving my Mom and me's Filmmaking Dreams forward. I will remain an Artist first and continue painting but with the addition of unique inventions and ideas that have helped me in my life such as home decor, fashion, handmade jewelry, and much more all made locally in Colorado. Pushing my collaboration efforts with other brands such as Chroma Clothing Co. and sharing this platform with my other talented friends is another goal I wish to accomplish in the months ahead while forging new partnerships and expanding to more stores around the country.

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Every day is a challenge, and I expect it to remain that way for the foreseeable future. For me, every victory will always exist alongside a moment of sadness in my heart. Despite this, the light that others bring when they purchase one of my creations reminds me to keep going and for a brief moment brings my Mom back to me. No matter how painful it can feel when I look toward the journey ahead I find peace that one day others may look back on 'Arsenal Wares' or 'Savage Queen LLC' as a whole and see it's origins started with one incredible Woman, a Mother, named Janice Lynne Shattuck and know how she inspired and empowered her son to stay wild and have the will to live free of constraints and self-limitations. How she taught him to come out swinging for the fences and shooting for the Moon.

To make something that inspires someone is no easy task. Not all my ideas will succeed, but I have faith that even the failures will mean something to someone one day. My Mom, in our all too brief time together helped me conquer my fears, my doubts, and insecurities. In a way, She helped me "Conquer the World" and It's my deepest hope that I can somehow help you conquer yours as well.

Thank you again for all the love and support this year, I couldn't have done it without y'all. Here's to the beauty of creating something that lives forever.

-Blake Hunter