Blake Hunter

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Filmmaker, Actor, Designer, Painter, Musician, Creative Addict, & Mama's Boy

Real Name: Blake Hunter Shattuck

Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas

Lives: Erie, Colorado


Currently in my Life:

Current Show: American Horror Story: Cult 

Current Podcast: My Favorite Murder, The Last Podcast on the Left

Current Film Project: 'Phantom Dawn' A Feature Length Sci-Fi Film 3 Years in the Making.

Current Music Project: 'Untitled EP' Started Vocal Training With my Amazing Instructor Since June.


My Life Until Now.

How One Woman Inspired My Life Forever.

Some small businesses are spawned from a yearning for freedom. Other times, they are inspired by life-changing moments. The genesis for Savage Queen fits the latter. The namesake for my company is inspired by the original savage queen herself, my mother Janice Lynn Shattuck, who passed away on August 9th, 2016 at the young age of 55. During our time together, we were a dynamic team, dreaming of the impossible and letting nothing stand in our way. My art is a culmination of many things; heartbreak, love, grief, joy, healing, rebirth and creativity. It is an ever-growing collection that illustrates a story still being told. My name is Blakey, and I am a filmmaker, musician and lifelong learner living in Erie, CO. Most importantly, and much like my mother, I am proud to call myself a dreamer.

I love to tell others about my mom. Janice was an inspiring woman, with an electric personality that resonated with just about everyone she met. She battled with the health of her lungs and heart for decades after receiving radiation therapy as treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in the 80’s. There are many others who share her story; thousands of men and women who won the battle against cancer decades ago are now suffering with the repercussions of radiation treatment. 

The most commonly used words to describe my mother are kind, compassionate and brilliant. She was not the type of parent who planned on retiring from motherhood as soon as her kids went off to college. She wanted no part of “downsizing” or “freedom from the kids” that many parents look forward to after their children are adults. Our family started and grew a business together in an economic downturn. This success shaped my mentality of familial strength: nothing is stronger and more enduring than a family that builds and creates together. My mother was an untamable and wild sprit that left others in awe; her glamour and prodigious character made others feel blessed to call her their friend. A woman of many talents, she encouraged me to never settle for anything less than my dreams, and played a fundamental role in helping me achieve them. She was my creative equal and best friend who encouraged me to spread my wings and stay fearless. In many ways, I helped her stay brave as well.

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For the past few years, my mom and I embarked on an artistic journey together, creating a full length feature film entitled ‘Phantom Dawn.’ It is a sci-fi tale that incorporates inspirational moments from my childhood into the story, hopefully to motivate and empower others. My mom and I spent countless hours working on the movie; days and nights were spent building sets, writing music and storytelling. Janice was my biggest fan but also my toughest critic. She was honest and bolstered me to share my talents with the world. Much of my artwork is inspired from scenes or ideas from ‘Phantom Dawn;’ even though I will not get the chance to see my mom’s face light up when the movie is completed, I know she will be with me, smiling as the world watches our dream come to life on the silver screen.


Music I Love.