About us

Arsenal was launched in 2017 as a simple Etsy store called “Savage Queen Creations” selling a handful of art prints I had drawn on my iPad. Today Arsenal has evolved into more then just a sales focused art brand. Arsenal is a statement. It’s a symbol of redemption and hope. It’s about confronting the good, bad, and ugly in a way that empowers us to face it and see the potential beauty that lies beneath even in our darkest days. Arsenal is a lifestyle brand and I know how cliché that sounds in today’s oversaturated world of influencers. I started drawing as a way to cope with the loss of my Mom who passed away August 9, 2016. All you see had it’s beginnings in a very real world of chaos and heart ache not a delusional realm of dissociative positivity. It was never about making money it was about keeping my Mom alive because I wasn’t ready to let her go. The idea of a lifestyle brand is to create a company that can inspire your life outside of the brand. I don’t want you to buy my products because of what they do. We all have too much shit in our junk drawers already. I want you to invest yourself in my brand because of what it means to you. That’s the shared DNA between every product line I’ve created or promote. Using my 3 personal ideals of creativity, empowerment, and influence every product, blog post, podcast, app, or design becomes another weapon in an “Arsenal” against a world that often favors the mundane.